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Who are we?

ISU-AAA is an organization that is attempting to unite ISU alumni from around Africa in order to accelerate African space development and improve educational opportunities for Africans.

This will be achieved by the establishment of a network of like-minded individuals who are passionate about enhancing African space sector growth.

The Executive Council

The principle governing body of ISU-AAA is the Executive Council, and it shall:

a. Generally manage the overall affairs of the network.
b. Manage and set the strategic direction of the Network.
c. Perform and fulfil all duties and responsibilities required.
d. Ensure continued legal and regulatory compliance.
e. Fulfil Executive Council meeting attendance requirements.

For more information, see the Memorandum of Understanding.

As of 1 February 2011, The Association is governed by the 1st annual Executive Council, consisting of:

Olufemi Arosanyin
Olufemi Arosanyin
Ayodele Faiyetole
Ayodele Faiyetole
Timiebi Aganaba
Timiebi Aganaba
Hubert Foy
Hubert Foy

Executive Council Biographies

Chairman: Olufemi Arosanyin

Olufemi received his Engineering degree from University of Ilorin, with a major in Telecommunications and Electronics, he is an Alumnus of two ISU core programs of SSP and ISU having participated in SSP02 and graduated from the MSS class of 2004.
He is a member of the planetary society and has interests in Satellite applications with a focus on use of satellite communications for sustainable development in Africa and developing countries of the world.

President: Ayodele Faiyetole

A recipient of the Todd B. Hawley Space Visionary Award, Ayodele, a Pan-Africanist at heart and a strong advocate of Global Perspectives to Specific Cultures, is a leading light in ushering interdisciplinary Space education in Africa, with particular focus in educating school students and policy makers to place the continent on a pedestal of informed policy for scientific and technological development.
A founder of Innovations to Society (ITS), an international NGO founded in California, Ayodele's articles have been published in leading journals around the world and his views on development, in all ramifications are constantly sought by international media, including New African, The Africa Report, and national dailies like ThisDay newspaper.
A reviewer of international journals, including journal of Advances in Space Research, a COSPAR journal published by Elsevier, Ayodele remains committed to ensuring the visibility of African space in the global front, and bringing the World to Africa.

Secretary: Timiebi Aganaba

A graduate of the MSM08 class and Teaching Associate for the MSM09 class, Timi is currently studying for an LLM in Air and Space Law at McGill University, Montreal and is a researcher for the Space Security Index 2011 project and the ISU International Institute of Space Commerce. Before attending ISU, She served as Trainee Legal Officer (Legal Services & International Co-operation) National Space Research and Development Agency, Federal Republic of Nigeria . At ISU she undertook an internship with Isle of Man based law firm Cains Advocates in the space and satellite division graduating with the ISU/Cains Space Law Award for best student in the study of space law. She intends to pursue a Phd in Global Governance, using space as a case study. Her vision is that Africa develops its science and technology capabilities for its sustainable development and why not use space to do that? She intends to work towards that by promoting and fostering interdisciplinary space education in Africa, with only a slight bias towards space law and policy education. An ideas and peoples person, she brings to the table fresh perspectives and a knack for international cooperation and diplomacy.

Treasurer: Hubert Foy

A Cameroonian space professional and strategic nuclear weapons analyst, Hubert Foy is passionate in policy oriented-technical research on space and nuclear nonproliferation issues. Hubert graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, California, with a Masters of Arts in International Relations and specialization in Nuclear Nonproliferation Studies in 2009, and from the International Space University, France, with a Masters of Science in Space Studies in 2007. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics and Computer Science from the University of Buea, Cameroon, since 2000. Currently, Hubert is a research fellow in the United Kingdom – Norway Initiative on the Verification of Nuclear Warhead Dismantlement at the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority and the Center for Accelerator-Based Research and High Energy Physics, Oslo, Norway. He has been a visiting science fellow to several world class institutions, including NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland, and James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in California, and has published several papers. Hubert is a Regional Coordinator, Africa for Space Generation Advisory Council.

Points of Contact and Current Members

Angel Asangire Oprong
PoC: Eastern Africa
Angel Asangire Oprong
Peter Martinez
PoC: Southern Africa
Peter Martinez
(South Africa)
Hubert Foy
PoC: Western Africa
Hubert Foy
James Mason
James Mason
(South Africa)

Current active ISU-AAA members are those that have either endorsed the Memorandum of Understanding or belong to the LinkedIn or Facebook ISU-AAA groups. Below is a list the current members, including links to their online profiles (where available).

Name Country
Zauher Abdullah Tanzania
Olawunmi Abraham Nigeria
Timiebi Aganaba Nigeria
Assad Anathallee Mauritius
Olufemi Arosanyin Nigeria
Youssef Attia Libya
Rakiya Abdullahi Babamaaji Nigeria
Tare Brisibe Nigeria
Abdurrazag M. Elaskri Libya
Olufunke Ero-Phillips Nigeria
Ayodele A. Faiyetole Nigeria
Foy Hubert Cameroon
Ozgur Gurtuna Canada
Jan-Albert Koekemoer South Africa
Peter Martinez South Africa
James Mason South Africa
Zahrah Naankwat Musa Nigeria
Fred Joe Nambala Zambia

Angel Asangire Oprong


Who Can Join?

ISU AAA is dedicated first and foremost to alumni of ISU. However, we are open to anyone who shares the goal of developing African space capabilities and promoting ISU in African space education.

If you would like to become involved then please go to the contact section and send us an email!